Sales Quote of Studio Rental Agreement

Studio Rental Agreement

Terms Of Use: By signing this rental agreement, Renter(s) agree to the following:

Weekday Rates (9am - 6pm):

A. 4 hours RM150 (Additional hours rm30 per hour)

B. 8 hours RM250. (After 6pm charges rm30 per hour.)

C. 11 hours RM350 (After 6pm charges RM40 per hour.)

D. Full Day RM450 (After midnight RM50 per hour.)

Sunday & Public Holiday Rates (9am - 6pm):

A. 4 hours RM200 (Additional hours rm40 per hour)

B. 8 hours RM300. (After 6pm charges rm50 per hour.

C. 11 hours RM400 (After 6pm charges RM40 per hour.)

D. Full Day RM500 (After midnight RM50 per hour.)

Note: Equipment setup or hair and makeup or cleaning that will require extra time needs to be factored into the rental quote.

Rental time begins promptly at the designated starting time and ends promptly at the designated ending time.

A full payment 100% is required within 7 days in advance for booking studio and rental items and event date including security deposit (cleaning/damage) RM200. The date and studio/rental items are not reserved until full payment and signed rental agreement are submitted to and received by the Studio. The security deposit is refundable in 2 business days.

The studio may be used for legal business activities only. There is absolutely NO SMOKING, NO PETS, NO FOOD or ALCOHOL in the building or the corridor. Smoking is allowed outside the building. Renter is responsible for clean up of smoking-related debris (ashes, cigarettes, etc) before leaving.

Minors below the age of 17 is not allowed inside the studio unless they are the subject for photoshoot.

Cancellations of confirmed bookings will result in the following charges (Security deposit will be fully refunded):
A. 48 hours or more prior to rental date - All payments refunded less 10% processing fee.
B. 24 to 48 hours prior to rental date Fifty percent (50%) of total rental fee
C. Less than 24 hours - No refunds

• The lease shall start and end as set forth in this Agreement; set-up and clean-up time must take place during hours set forth in this Agreement.
• An hourly charge of RM30 per hour will be applied for each additional hour that extends beyond rental terms, as set forth in this Agreement.

• Be present at all times during the rental
• Keep the event or session contained within the studio
• Music/voices are to be kept at reasonable levels and not contain vulgar or offensive lyrics or words
• Maintain adult supervision of minors at all times
• Clean up trash or other items on premises prior to leaving

The Studio agrees to provide the studio in good working order but makes no special guarantees as to said studios functionality or suitability to Renter’s purposes. The Renter is entitled to use the entire studio, lighting equipment, props and any furniture in the studio at the time of rental. The Studio is not liable for acts out of its control that affect the shoot, such as power outages, weather, emergencies, or Acts of God. Renter agrees to return all equipment, studio, and furniture in the condition it was provided and to immediately notify the Studio of any damage, failure, or change in equipment provided. Rental lighting equipment, props and any furniture may NOT be taken outside of the studio. Please do not move any pieces larger than a single chair without two people present to move it without dragging the legs.

Renter agrees to pay for any repair or replacement costs of equipment, furniture, or studio that Renter damages within 3 business days. Renter agrees to pay for damage to the Premises including spills, excessive wear, marks or stains on furniture, fixtures, floor or painted surfaces. In the event that the Renter’s employees, Renter’s contractors, Renter's clients, or any and all Renter's visitors damage any equipment or studio, Renter agrees to pay for any repairs or replacements necessary within 3 business days.

Renter agrees to leave the studio in the condition it was found, all trash must be disposed out of the studio at the garbage disposal area,  or a RM100 from security deposit will be forfeited for cleaning fee will be assessed and invoiced.

All items brought to the Premises by Renter or Renters Visitors/Vendors/Suppliers are to be removed by Renter. Items left after 7 days will be assumed abandoned and may be discarded with no compensation due the Renter, at the discretion of the Company.

There is no warranty that rented items are free of defects.

The Renter agrees that the Studio holds no liability for any damage or injury caused by use of rental items to Renter or any third party. The Renter assumes all risk of personal property damage or personal injury. If any accident involving the Studio's rental items has occurred while it is in the Renter's possession, Renter shall make the Studio aware by written statement of details of occurrence of event including police report and names and addresses of witnesses, if applicable.

The Studio will not be held liable for any injuries or accidents to the Renter, Renter’s employees, Renter’s contractors, Renter's clients, or any and all Renter's visitors that occur within or outside the studio premises.

Use of the studio requires the following in advance:
• Online form submission Studio Rental Agreement
• Rental full payment and security deposit payment
• Photocopy of Renter’s Identification ID (IC)

The premises are to be used for the purpose of a photography/videography studio, including such activities, as are necessary and usually incidental to such use. The Studio shall have the right to inspect the equipment, studio, and furniture at any time during the rental term. Renter shall make any and all arrangements necessary to permit a representative of the Studio access to the equipment and studio. If a breach of any of the provisions of the Rental Agreement occurs, the Studio has the right to revoke Renter's access to the equipment and studio without any liability to and without prejudice to the Studio, the right to receive rent due or accrued to and including date of revocation.

Refund requests must be made in writing and will be responded to promptly by management. If equipment, furniture, or studio is ordered and delivered, but not used, no refund will be approved.

I have read all of the above and fully understand and agree to strictly adhere to each section. By submitting the online form, I agree this is a legal representation for all purpose same as of my pen and paper signature.

Studio Furnitures, Lighting, Accesories


  • Long Tables – 5 units
  • 3v Chairs – 11 units
  • Round top bar table – 1 unit
  • Bar stool – 2 units
  • High mirror – 1 unit
  • Whiteboard – 1 unit
  • Study table -1 unit
  • Short back chair – 1 unit
  • Cabinet store – 1 unit

Studio Lighting and Equipments

  • Godox SK400 ii 400w Studio Strobe Flash Head with 150w modelling light (wireless) – 3 units
  • Godox 2 Layer 60x90cm Studio Softbox – 2 units
  • Nicefoto 120cm Dual Layer Easy Fold Octabox – 1 unit
  • Nicefoto 2.8m Heavy Duty Light Stand – 1 unit
  • Godox 2.2m Light Stand – 3 units
  • Manual Chain Kit with Wall Mount for the 3 backdrops
  • 3 unit Paper Backdrop 2.72x11m (black, white, green)
  • Professional Ringlight CN-R480CC
  • Continuous lighting with Light stand
  • and Soft box (8 bulbs) – 2 units
  • Lightstand – 1 unit

Camera Accessories

  • BOYA BY-WM4 2.4GHZ WIRELESS LAVALIER LAPEL MIC MICROPHONE SYSTEM (includes connector 2pcs) – 1 unit (Receiver & Transmiter)
  • Reflector white & gold – 1 unit
  • Phone tripod holder – 1 unit


  • Radio Audiobox – 1 unit
  • Long & multi extension cable – 4 units
  • Multiple adaptor – 2 units
  • Slippers – 4 pairs
  • Rubbish bin – 1 unit
  • Clock – 1 unit
  • Unifi modem – 1 unit
  • Epson EB-S41 projector – 1 unit
  • Screenbeam Mini2 – 1 unit
  • HP deskjet printer 2676 – 1 unit
  • Laptop Compaq CQ20 and charger – 1 unit
  • Measurement tape – 1 pc
  • Stationaries
  • Mug – 2 pc
  • Makeup brushes – 4 pcs

Bank-In/ Online Transfer

Bank-in/ Online Transfer

Casamua Digital

Maybank (Malaysia)

5648 3840 7874

Paypal/ Debit/Credit Card Payment

Studio Rental Package

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Rental Booking Confirmation

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